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Food Safety – Then and Now

Food Safety – Then and Now

Dr. Terry Etherton points out that food safety today is much better than even ten years ago. Few people would really

like to live life using the biomedical and public health resources that were available in 1850.

and that today's media attention to food safety tends to forget the advances in discovery and control that are in place today.

Milk Goes Bad in High Heat!


The midwest is experiencing high heat and humidity this summer. These high temperatures not only make you feel terrible but your livestock can feel bad too. It is important to keep an eye on the animals and take action before they start to get heat stress.

Heat stress can greatly impact cattle producers through decreased milk production and subsequent calf growth, decreased reproductive performance in cows and bulls, and decreased stocker and feeder performance.

Does Your Herd Have Heat Stress?

Summer Heat Stress

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Iowa State Associate Professor of Animal Science, Dr. Lance Baumgard, looks at heat stress issues in changing weather conditions and offers some solutions for your operation.