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Hacking to Visualize Food & Agricultural Issues


Using software and people to highlight issues is not new. But using it in agriculture is picking up steam. Food+Tech Connect and Gojee brought together journalists, tech designers, food/ag policy experts, and data gurus to explore the 2012 US Farm Bill. The goal was to highlight issues and extract data to support conversations and debate.

Farmland Prices Going Higher?

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Terry Feldheim of the Farm Credit Service of America highlights the support underpinning land prices at these levels.

What is sustainable ag lending? That really comes down to a concept what is sustainable at given prices. We look at farmers and ranchers, asking if they can cash flow $4.50 corn? If he can cash flow that, he has a much higher probably of sustaining the volatility that comes at us.

The operations that will get loans must have strong working capital positions and actions in play to reduce any debts as quickly as possible.

Full Tilt Feed? There Is Hope In Animal Feed Prices!

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Speaking at the recent Kansas State Swine Day, Analyst Joe Kerns with the International Agribusiness Group had some soothing words for producers dealing with volatile feed costs.

When you take a look at the economics right now, the USDA has the US plugged in for 5 billion bushels in order to go to ethanol for the calendar year 2012. With or without the subsidy, there is still enough motivation, enough profit within the ethanol industry that I don't see any way we are going to let our foot off the gas. Every ethanol plant is running full tilt.