Ted McKinney - Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality

Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality - Ted McKinney, Senior Director of Global Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, from the 2011 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, May 5-6, Arlington, VA, USA.

Dr. Steve Meyer - Pork Industry Economic Update


Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, provides an in-depth pork industry economic update, from the Swine Forecast 2011 webinar, December 1, 2010.


Key factors for 2011: Ethanol and biofuels policy; Grains and costs of production; Policy decisions; Macro-economic situation – esp. $US; Last month’s elections

Issues With Corn As Food Vs Fuel In 2011?

Corn production and demand are coming together to increase corn prices. This is great for corn growers but not great for those that depend on corn for animal feed. Adding ethanol into the mix again put corn in the middle of the food versus fuel debate.

Ethanol is consuming corn at a rate that is only 10 percent less than that of livestock and poultry demand. And more than one bushel of corn out of three produced in the US will be converted to ethanol in the current marketing year. That is going to cause concern about the amount of corn we will produce and whether it will be enough to meet demand with minimal rationing. And that causes concern for the traders.

Dr. Robert Wisner, University Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University, states "Corn supplies will be tight and some rationing of demand likely will be needed in the year ahead." This is not a great situation for those in animal agriculture without hedges and other risk mitigation actions in play.

BeefCast 0502 - Digging Deep Data Yields Productivity Improvement

BeefCast 0502 Show Notes:
  • K-State livestock specialist Justin Waggoner discusses a new analysis of twenty years of feedlot cattle performance data in the High Plains.

BeefCast 0501 - Protein Markets Perspective From Wall Street

BeefCast 0501 Show Notes:
  • From the recent Leman swine conference, keynote presentation featuring Ms. Farha Aslam of Stephens, Inc.  How Wall Street views the protein markets and what it means in the greater picture for the industry future.
  • Link to full video presentation here.

BeefCast 0500 - Will The Real Trent Fredenburg Please Stand

BeefCast 0500 Show Notes:
  • Trent Fredenburg has been found!  Hooking up with Trent for his next chapter at his old chapter!

BeefCast Update for August 25, 2010, How Does The Asian Consumer Feel About American Beef?

Below are some recent additions to BeefCast to help you manage your operations and understand consumer markets.

BeefCast 0495 - Will the grain market rally change your feeding plans?

BeefCast 0495 Show Notes:
  • Livestock economist Darrell Mark of the University of Nebraska looks at the impact of the recent grain market rally on feeders and cow-calf profitability and encourages pricing distillers grains in coming months.

BeefCast update for July 28, 2010, Wet Distillers May Be a Mistake for Heifers

The intro note is short this week: Trent and his wife, Karen, are starting on a new venture with the birth of their son, Silas Arthur. Please feel free to send wishes and notes via
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