BeefCast 0311 for December 19 2008

BeefCast 0311 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0306 for December 8 2008

BeefCast 0306 Show Notes:

  • Dr. Larry Hollis, Beef Veterinarian, helps you take the bite out of parasites this winter with sound protocols.

BeefCast 0302 for November 26 2008

BeefCast 0302 Show Notes:

  • Philip Lobo, Animal Agriculture Alliance, provides perspectives on Proposition 2 passing in the state of California and what implications it may have for the rest of us in animal agriculture

BeefCast 0301 for November 24 2008

BeefCast 0301 Show Notes:

  • Jim Mintert, Livestock Economist, outlines the new Cattle on Feed report and the trends it represents in our business climate

BeefCast 0300 for November 21 2008

BeefCast 0300 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0299 for November 19 2008

BeefCast 0299 Show Notes:

  • Mark Frasier, beef producer from Eastern Colorado, operates a family ranch including 40,000 acres with varying stocking rates based upon the available resources. He walks through the ranch with us.
  • Tom Field, previously of Colorado State University, has taken a new leadership role at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.
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