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BeefCast 0251 for July 21 2008

BeefCast 0251 Show Notes:

  • How will softening consumer demand for beef and a slightly weaker corn market effect the beef market trends? Jim Mintert, Livestock Economist at Kansas State University, offers his thoughts.

BeefCast 0245 for July 7 2008

BeefCast 0245 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0241 for June 25 2008

BeefCast 0241 Show Notes:

  • Agriculture Secretary, Ed Schaffer, talks about his recent trip to Rome, where the agenda was focused on feeding a growing world with high demand for grains.
  • Following a recent conference, John Baah, Research Scientist at Agrifoods Canada, shares some valuable information that you should know about silage inoculants.

BeefCast 0238 for June 18 2008

BeefCast 0238 Show Notes:

  • How high will the corn market go? And what affects will it have on the fed and feeder markets? Jim Mintert, Livestock Economist, offers his insights.

BeefCast 0233 for June 6 2008

BeefCast 0233 Show Notes:

  • Matt Roberts, Ohio State University, shares the highlights of his recent presentation on the economics of ethanol and exports
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acreage has been released for one-time haying or grazing. But there are some details that you should be aware of as well.

BeefCast 0232 for June 4 2008

BeefCast 0232 Show Notes:

  • How will the South Korea market situation and the release of CRP acreage for haying and grazing affect the cattle market trends? Jim Mintert, livestock economist, shares his insights.

BeefCast 0222 for May 12 2008

BeefCast 0222 Show Notes:

  • Rain continues to delay planting in much of the Midwest. How will the volatility in the grain markets effect the cattle market trends? Jim Mintert, KSU Livestock Economist, offers his insights

BeefCast 0214 for April 23 2008

BeefCast 0214 Show Notes:

  • What will the additional access to the Korean marketplace mean for US cattle market trends?
  • Don't overlook the value of proper sanitation... it could save you a lot of headaches

BeefCast 0210 for April 14 2008

BeefCast 0210 Show Notes:

  • Finally... good news in the cattle markets! Jim Mintert, Kansas State University Livestock Economist, shares the uptick in the markets.

BeefCast 0205 for April 2 2008

BeefCast 0205 Show Notes:

  • Jim Mintert, Livestock Economist, highlights the recent USDA reports that are impacting our markets as well as the future trends he sees developing
  • What impact might this current US economic slump have on beef production? Dr. Dennis DiPietrie, Headliner, shares his unique outlook
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