BeefCast 0440 - How to increase the accuracy of your mating decisions, Part 2

BeefCast 0440 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Kent Anderson, Associate Director of Technical Services for Pfizer Animal Genetics, explains the technology and release of the new high density 50k chip. While Lee Leachman, Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado offers his seedstock producer perspective on what the technology will mean for the future of our industry. Part 2

BeefCast 0439 - An exciting new technology that will significantly enhance the accuracies of our breeding decisions

BeefCast 0439 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0438 - Insights into the Cattle on Feed report and what we might expect in the new year

BeefCast 0438 Show Notes:
  • Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Livestock Economist, takes us inside the recent Cattle on Feed report and also offers his thoughts on what we might expect to see as we enter 2010.

BeefCast 0437 - What does the future of the pork industry look like as a competing protein source?

BeefCast 0437 Show Notes:

  • Let's take a look today at how the pork industry is responding to the economic shift in demand with Mike Tokach, Kansas State University. 

BeefCast update for December 18, 2009, Effecting Spring Breedback Rates Today

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BeefCast 0435 - How can you gain a wealth of knowledge in a few short days?

BeefCast 0435 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0434 - How what you are doing now may be affecting your Spring breedback rates

BeefCast 0434 Show Notes:
  • Larry Hollis, Kansas State University Beef Veterinarian, focuses on how parasites may be robbing your newborn calves and impacting your breedback rates.

BeefCast 0433 - In need of a warm-up? Come to the Cattle Industry Annual Convention

BeefCast 0433 Show Notes:
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