Do Smaller Operations Need Big Operation Regulations?

large vs small farm There are a series of campaigns aimed at securing larger government support for smaller farms. Smaller operators believe US agriculture policies do not favor small, independent farmers.
"I think funding is one of the biggest struggles I have encountered," said [Alex] Bryan. "To get funding to play in the game, to purchase equipment or to build infrastructure that follows guidelines that may be more appropriate for a large-scale producer, may be prohibitive to the small producer. We're following a lot of the same regulations."
Rules through the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) are seen as a way to help smaller farms be on a level playing field with larger operations.

BeefCast 0504 - True Cost Of Proposed GIPSA Rules

BeefCast 0504 Show Notes:
  • Key livestock organizations joined forces to underwrite a deep analysis of proposed rule changes in GIPSA.   Dr. Rob Murphy, Sr. Vice President of Informa Economics shared their findings during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City.  I also spoke with economist Steve Meyers for his perspective.
  • GIPSA summary from Informa Economics
  • Link to comment page at NCBA

BeefCast 0499 - Keeping An Eye On The Regulators - GIPSA 2010

BeefCast 0499 Show Notes:
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