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Preventing Drug Residue In Meat

Beef Drug Residue Prevention What are the requirements for detecting and preventing drug residue in the milk supply? The dairy industry provides to all dairy producers the tools to help understand and implement drug residues in the milk supply. Dr. Karen Jordan, Dairy Farmers of America, provides insight on the procedures and documents available to dairy producers [video].

Dr. Karen Jordan - Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention

Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention - Dr. Karen Jordan, Dairy Farmers of America, from the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, March 26 - 29, Denver, CO, USA.

Food Safety – Then and Now

Food Safety – Then and Now

Dr. Terry Etherton points out that food safety today is much better than even ten years ago. Few people would really

like to live life using the biomedical and public health resources that were available in 1850.

and that today's media attention to food safety tends to forget the advances in discovery and control that are in place today.

Ted McKinney - Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality

Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality - Ted McKinney, Senior Director of Global Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, from the 2011 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, May 5-6, Arlington, VA, USA.

BeefCast 0407 - FDA Perspective on Food Safety - What You Need To Know

BeefCast 0407 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0399 - Can the White House Provide Food Safety Strategies?

BeefCast 0399 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0291 for October 31 2008

BeefCast 0291 Show Notes:
  • Should retail beef products from carcasses treated for safety by irradiation technology bare a label stating so? Susan Carter, USDA, weighs in.
  • Taking advantage of grazing crop residues makes a lot of sense with elevated feed input prices, but what you should know before you open the gate. 
  • Reference: publication on grazing crop residues

BeefCast 0273 for September 15 2008

BeefCast 0273 Show Notes:

  • Results of a recent survey of consumers on thoughts of what matters most to them. Is it the Iraq war or food safety? The answer may surprise you.
  • Jason Henderson, Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, weighs in on the condition of the agricultural economy.

BeefCast 0167 for January 2 2008

BeefCast 0167 Show Notes:

  • Highlights of the American Meat Institute Convention and tips for planning ahead from Janet Riley
  • Debbie Reed, DRD Associates, shares her ten year battle to promote agriculture's importance in the new carbon economy

BeefCast 0144 for October 31 2007

BeefCast 0144 Show Notes:

  • Birds could be a possible link in the chain of E.coli transmission
  • Economist Tom Elam adds his view of the ethanol industry
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