BeefCast 0480 - Exposing the Hoax of Man-Made Climate Change - Part 1

BeefCast 0480 Show Notes:
  • Jay Lehr, Science Director of The Heartland Institute, breaks down the hoax and myths behind man-made climate change. Part 1.

BeefCast 0463 - Superior Management is More Valuable than Advanced Technology

BeefCast 0463 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Bob Milligan, Dairy Strategies, LLC and Professor Emeritus of Cornell University, shares his experiences with a recent delegation from Nigeria. Their key take-away from visiting leading US cattle herds was that "superior management is more important than superior technology." 

BeefCast 0457 - Former Ag Sec has strong words for Japan in wake of Toyota recalls

BeefCast 0457 Show Notes:
  • Former Secretary of Agriculture and current senator from Nebraska, Mike Johanns, speaks firmly to Japan regarding beef trade barriers during a recent congressional hearing focused on Toyota recalls.

BeefCast 0452 - NCBA's New Prez is Optimistic

BeefCast 0452 Show Notes:
  • The National Cattlemen's Beef Association's new president, Steve Foglesong, is optimistic about the future of our industry. Steve operates a cow/calf, stocker, feedlot, and replacement heifer program in Illinois.

BeefCast 0447 - A Look Into the Future of the Cattle Industry - Part 2

BeefCast 0447 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0446 - A Look Into the Future of the Cattle Industry - Part 1

BeefCast 0446 Show Notes:
  • Today, we begin a dynamic look into the future of the cattle industry with six leaders and innovators.

BeefCast 0437 - What does the future of the pork industry look like as a competing protein source?

BeefCast 0437 Show Notes:

  • Let's take a look today at how the pork industry is responding to the economic shift in demand with Mike Tokach, Kansas State University. 
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