BeefCast 0509 - Have Consumer Prices Risen To Ration Beef Demand?

BeefCast 0509 Show Notes: 
  • A quick check on what's up in the New Mexico beef industry as Truffle's John Blue checks in with Farm Credit of New Mexico's Greg Carrasco.

BeefCast 0508 - Better Outlook For Feedgrains From Industry Analyst Joe Kerns

BeefCast 0508 Show Notes: 

BeefCast 0507 - How Will New Free Trade Agreements Impact Beef Exports?

BeefCast 0507 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0506 - Drought Continues Pushing Cattle Herds To Slaughter

BeefCast 0506 Show Notes:
  • Devastating drought conditions in the southwest continue to bump slaughter numbers.  How and why with Oklahoma State livestock economist Darrell Peel as he talks with Eric Atkinson.

BeefCast 0505 - Agriculture Amid Global Economic Uncertainty

BeefCast 0505 Show Notes:
  • In this conversation with Jim Kielkopf, economist for AgriBank, we look at how economic uncertainty has impacted producer decisions and what role speculators and hedge fund industry play in agriculture along with the global increase in commodity prices. 

BeefCast 0504 - True Cost Of Proposed GIPSA Rules

BeefCast 0504 Show Notes:
  • Key livestock organizations joined forces to underwrite a deep analysis of proposed rule changes in GIPSA.   Dr. Rob Murphy, Sr. Vice President of Informa Economics shared their findings during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City.  I also spoke with economist Steve Meyers for his perspective.
  • GIPSA summary from Informa Economics
  • Link to comment page at NCBA

BeefCast 0503 - Feeding The World - Saving The Planet

BeefCast 0503 Show Notes:

BeefCast 0502 - Digging Deep Data Yields Productivity Improvement

BeefCast 0502 Show Notes:
  • K-State livestock specialist Justin Waggoner discusses a new analysis of twenty years of feedlot cattle performance data in the High Plains.

BeefCast 0501 - Protein Markets Perspective From Wall Street

BeefCast 0501 Show Notes:
  • From the recent Leman swine conference, keynote presentation featuring Ms. Farha Aslam of Stephens, Inc.  How Wall Street views the protein markets and what it means in the greater picture for the industry future.
  • Link to full video presentation here.

BeefCast 0500 - Will The Real Trent Fredenburg Please Stand

BeefCast 0500 Show Notes:
  • Trent Fredenburg has been found!  Hooking up with Trent for his next chapter at his old chapter!
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